25 March 2005

Mexico - USA, Today's Tidbits...

If you haven't already seen it, the transcript of Bruce Arena's conference call on Tuesday is well worth a read. Especially illuminating is the reason behind Birmingham, AL being chosen as the site for the Guatemala match on Wednesday-- the guarantee of a pro-American crowd. I wonder how many home nations have that concern? Here's Arena's money quote:
"We will step on that field Sunday trying to win. I’m not certain that there have been many U.S. teams in the past that really believed that. I don’t think I have to convince any of our players that we can win that game and that’s the swagger that we do carry into the game. We’ve had a lot of success. We’ve done very well since 2002 and I just think that there’s a confidence and a momentum our players have when they step on the field each and every game."

I've usually been pleasantly surprised by the USA Today's devotion to covering soccer, and this article only adds to my pleasure. Sounds like Landon Donovan has replaced Cobi Jones as the object of Mexican derision. We'll see what kind of treatment he receives.

Also, Paul Oberjuerge, from the San Bernardino County Sun, continues to road trip his way toward Mexico City. I'll be very curious to learn of his experience in the Estadio Azteca on Easter Sunday. Buena suerte Paul!

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