19 March 2005

USA 1 - 0 Honduras


I was only able to catch the first half, but the US Nats continue to have a solid run-up to their match against Mexico in the Azteca next weekend. I'm glad to see that the US brain trust has learned from it's past mistakes. The last time the Nats played a game at altitude, they got it all wrong. Still, it's a daunting task to come away from the Azteca with anything at all, but I think the Nats are more than capable of scraping out a draw.

Arena is 29-2-3 against CONCACAF teams? That's simply amazing. Steve who?

And would MLS agree to a deal for Eddie Johnson already? MLS is playing hardball. Lets hope it doesn't backfire. Forget Freddy, Eddie's ready for the next level.

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