03 April 2005

Arsenal 4-1 Norwich

I see that in Landry's recap below, he's graciously left it to me to recap the Arsenal victory over Norwich. And so... I shall.

Obviously it was a comfortable day for the Gunners, and rewarding to as the match saw them into second place in the league thanks to Brad Freidel and the wastefulness of the Man U attack. 4-1 could have easily been more, though with four goals it's hard to be picky.

All credit to Norwich as they came out of the gate looking for goals and trying to score. But they were just outclassed, and Arsenal dominated posession for most of the game. Norwich have not looked ready for the Prem this season; they have the willingness but not, unfortunately, the skills. Still, they were able to keep it interesting through the first half, and the 2-1 score, while certainly lucky for them on the merits, was a testament to their belief and hard work.

It was however disappointing to see Norwich's goal. To be fair, it was a great strike by Darren Huckerby. But he had all kinds of space to take it, thanks to Robert Pires' lackluster challenge. And Lehman didn't help his cause either, leaving his line to argue with the ref before realizing that the ball was still in play. I'm not sure that he would've been able to stop Huckerby's fine shot anyway, but as it was he gave himself no chance.

However, the Arsenal attack was a beautiful machine, holding loads of posession and making it tell time and again. What can you say about Thierry Henry? His combination of touch, pace, and shot strength are simply unmatched. The hat trick was well deserved and he could have had more goals besides. Freddie had a nice gimmie goal too, rewarding an excellent cross from Lauren.

Individual comments:
So that's it for this week. Arsenal travel to Middlesboro next week. Norwich are home to Manchester United. Take some points from the Devils for us!

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