09 April 2005

Premiership Day in Review

The results that stand out from Saturday's matches primarily concern the bottom clubs and their battles to avoid relegation. Historically any team with less than 40 points is considered to be in danger of being demoted, so in the strictest sense any team beneath Manchester City are at risk. But with at least six games remaining to be played, I think Newcastle (38 pts.), Birmingham City (37 pts.), and, it pleases me to say, Blackburn (36 pts.) are definitely safe. Portsmouth (34 pts.) and Fulham (33 pts.) are probably safe as well unless they stumble badly in the last few weeks. That leaves four teams at the bottom, three of which will be relegated, and only one of which will be saved. Who will it be? My money's on Palace and fellow blogger, Aki Riihilahti

Blackburn 3 - 0 Southampton
This result represents a massive step towards safety for Blackburn and the end of a good recent run of form for Southampton. The Saints will need to regroup quickly. Southampton next face Aston Villa and Bolton, which will be difficult matches for them to gain points. Then, come a trio of games that will ultimately decide whether Southampton can stay up when they face Portsmouth, Norwich and Crystal Palace in succession.

Norwich 2 - 0 Manchester United
This is only Norwich's fourth win of the entire season, and while it is indeed impressive that they could dispatch the (once) mighty Manchester United, it's too little too late for the Canaries I'm afraid. The hole is too big. Still, the game next weekend with Crystal Palace will be huge for both teams. I can't wait to watch that one.

Let's see if West Bromwich Albion or Crystal Palace can pick up any points on the road tomorrow.

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