24 April 2005

Premiership Relegation Update

Another weekend of fixtures has resulted in another series of flip-flops at the bottom end of the English Premier League table. Both Crystal Palace and Norwich were able to secure important wins and leapfrog ahead of West Bromwich Albion and Southampton, who were both soundly trounced.

Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Liverpool
Norwich 1 - 0 Charlton
Middlesbrough 4 - 0 West Brom
Portsmouth 4 - 1 Southampton

West Brom do have a game in hand, which comes this Tuesday at home to Blackburn. After that they face Arsenal and ManU in succession. If they're to save themselves, nothing less than full points will do on Tuesday. Norwich, with two wins and a draw in their last three matches are the hottest of the bottom four teams. If they can keep their positive momentum through their visit to Southampton next weekend, they just might have a shot, albeit a long one. I still hold to what I said several weeks ago. Three of these four teams will go down. I still believe Crystal Palace will be the ones to save themselves, but it will come down to the last weekend. Too bad MLS will never experience the drama of a relegation battle.

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