12 April 2005

Tuesday update

I know I'm well behind with a report on the Arsenal game, but there's a good reason for that. Fox Soccer Channel chose not to show the game until this Wednesday, so I'll have to watch it four days late. I'll offer thoughts after that. But until then, you can read the basic recap on Soccernet, or hear more specific thoughts on both Goodplaya and Arseblog.

In Champions League news, we have two interesting games today:

Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea: (First leg: Chelsea 4-2 Bayern) Chelsea were stellar last week, scoring four goals against a Bayern side that's usually quite a bit more stingy. However, Michael Ballack's controversial late penalty brought Bayern within two goals. A 2-0 win at home is certainly not likely, but it's doable; Bayern now find themselves in the spot that they put Arsenal just a month ago. Chasing two goals, they'll be forced to rely on their defense to blunt the potent Chelsea attack. I would expect a minimum of two goals in this game, and perhaps quite a few more. Should be interesting.

Inter Milan vs. AC Milan: (First leg: AC 2-0 Inter) Two of the giants of Italian football square off in the second leg of the darby tie. AC Milan have been the better of the two teams this year, going 2-0-1 over their three games, and currently sitting atop the Serie A table, 14 points ahead of third-place Internazionale. It's difficult to imagine Inter scoring 3 unanswered goals, but crazier things have happened. More likely would be a 0-0 final score that sees AC through.

Should be an interesting contrast between the games. Both games kick off at 2:30EDT. ESPN2 will show the Bayern-Chelsea match, while ESPN Deportes shows the Milan darby.

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