21 August 2005

Review: USA 1 - 0 Trinidad and Tobago

The Nats are virtually qualified now for Germany '06 with this win, pedestrian though it may have been. I have to say that the team always looks better with Reyna controlling things in the midfield. It seems he's finally regaining some form and it's great to have him back. Hopefully, he'll continue to see significant playing time for Manchester City. He was very active and involved in both EPL games this season. Bobby Convey is also starting to deliver on some of his potential. He too is seeing significant playing time for Reading this season and it seems to have done wonders for his confidence.

Reyna and Convey looked good. Unfortunate to see Convey sent off though; it was a silly tackle to make. I also liked what I saw from Onyewu and O'Brien (before his injury). Quaranta and Twellman did some good work after coming on late.

No way should that game have been so close though. I'll give Donovan some slack since he's been scoring so well lately, but he had some huge misses. Jack had a huge game in goal, too. Hopefully they got their wasteful game out of the way; I don't think they can afford to do that with Mexico.

And when is CONCACAF going to get some decent officiating?
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