23 August 2005

Villan Baros

It's now a done deal; Milan Baros is signed to Aston Villa. It'll be interesting to see him partnered with Juan Pablo Angel. Because, I mean, how can you tell them apart? Maybe they can switch shirts at halftime, just to confuse the ref. Seriously, I like the partnership. Villa has long suffered from inconsistency and underachievement; perhaps this move will make a difference for them.

Villa had an interesting sequence in today's game against Portsmouth. After 10 minutes, Richard Hughes elbowed Noberto Solano, picking up a yellow. However, Solano's retaliatory swing earned him a red, reducing Villa to 10 men. But wait! On the ensuing free kick, Gareth Barry put the ball into the box, and it was headed home — of course — by none other than Richard Hughes. One might say that justice was served. Pompey ended up with a point, after a strike by Lomana LuaLua.

Villa have Blackburn on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing double in the Villa strikeforce.

I'm actually very excited to see how the partnership between Baros and Angel develops. I think there's a lot of potential there for these two players to mutually benefit one another if they can quickly develop an understanding on the pitch. Europe beckons if they can collaborate successfully
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