07 September 2005

Jackass Of The Week

The quick plug: I enjoy reading Eric McErlain's Off Wing Opinion. He's now doing a (roughly) weekly podcast with Rob Visconti, called Bleacher Guy Radio. (Grab the RSS feed here.)

They've now tried out a feature called "Jackass Of The Week". And I have the perfect candidate for next week: Mexico coach Ricardo La Volpe. After his team was humiliated lost to the US on Saturday, he emitted the following quote:
It’s a little team. Here, everyone’s interested in baseball and American football and many people didn’t even know that a soccer match was being played today. So it’s easy for them, because they aren’t playing under any pressure. My mother, my grandmother or my great grandmother could play in a team like that. They scored a goal and then they sat back.
Um, right. You can make all kinds of excuses, Ricardo. The fact is, though, your team couldn't produce anything, and looked lost in Columbus. What's the matter... feeling the heat?

So Eric and Rob, I have your candidate for you. Ricardo La Volpe, come on down!

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