04 September 2005


I drove 180 miles, all by my lonesome. I got stuck in traffic for a half-hour, within two miles of the stadium. I had to park a half-mile from the gate. The restroom line took 15 minutes. In the stands, my seat was poor, at field level, on the corner, so I couldn't see much. On one side I had a crowd of loud, chanting Mexican fans; on the other, an older couple who really just wanted to sit and watch the game without disruption, and who tried to get the ushers to make everyone sit down.

After the game, it took me forever to find the car, and then 45 minutes to leave the parking lot. Then I had to drive the 180 miles back (again by myself), fighting sleep and a killer headache. I spent probably $60 in gas for the round trip, plus $10 for parking, not to mention the $54 for the ticket. All that for an hour and a half of entertainment.

I'm in heaven.

2-0 to the US. We are going to Germany.

More later. For now, I'm going to sleep, grinning all night long.

The atmosphere looked amazing. I regret not being there, but I had to burp my two-week-old, the future Mia Hamm. I was a little concerned during the first half. The U.S. was having difficulty stringing passes together and Mexico was controlling the midfield. Set pieces were the key, Kasey made a good save to deny the Mexicans at the end of the first half, but the U.S. were able to make their set pieces count.
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