25 October 2005

Travel Plans

I can't yet believe it.

I'm going to Highbury.

One week from today, I'll board a plane, with an ultimate destination of London. While I'm there, I'll be attending not one, but two matches at Highbury: the Champions League match against Sparta Prague, and the league match against Sunderland. The fantastic folks at Arsenal America put together the trip. I had missed the first announcement by a couple days, but a few more tickets came available and I quickly signed up.

As I mentioned back in August, I've been incredibly eager to travel to an Arsenal match this year. I've never been &mdash never been to England, in fact. So this is a bit of a pilgrimage. I'm quite happy that my first EPL match will be at Highbury, and that I'll have a chance to see the Gunners run out onto the pitch before it's closed down. Heck, there's a lot I'm excited about. Visiting one of the world's great cities doesn't hurt either.

I'll post about it here as events unfold. And hopefully add a couple photos.

This Hoosier is going to Highbury. I can't wait.

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