21 October 2005

Weekend TV Planner: 22-23 October

Arsenal are back on the TV. But on delay, ouch! The game is on at 2PM Indianapolis, or 8PM London time. That's five hours late. It's an interesting question: would you rather know what happens right away, or watch it as if it were live? For me, I'll wait and watch it when it's on. So I'd better avoid the internets tomorrow around lunchtime.

Prioritized Weekend Soccer Planner, 22-23 October 2005

  1. Saturday, 2:00PM CDT: Arsenal v. Man City. (DELAY) I think this is one of the better matches of the week, even for the neutral. Despite their road woes, Arsenal still have max points at home. But City can be tough away (2-1-1 so far), and Arsenal are coming off a mid-week Champions League match. Actually I'm surprised this isn't PPV. Verdict: Match of the week.

  2. Saturday, 8:00PM CDT: Colorado v. Dallas. (MLS Playoff) Dallas are the #2 seed with 48 points; Colorado are #3 with 45 points. Two well-matched teams; this could be an enjoyable game. Verdict: Watch this.

  3. Saturday, 9:00AM CDT: Man Utd v. Spurs (PPV) Tottenham have a one-point lead on United, in 2nd and 3rd respectively. With Keane and Giggs out, United will be a bit thin in the midfield, and Spurs will probably look for more than a point. For once, I will agree that United get the PPV slot based on a worthy match, rather than legions of fans who will buy anything. Verdict: Watch this, if you feel like paying for it, or if you can find it in a pub.

  4. Saturday, 6:00PM CDT: MetroStars v. New England. (MLS Playoff) New England are the #1 seed in the east, while New York/New Jersey are the #4, just squeaking into the playoffs. Probably not much of a contest, but then again, it's the playoffs. Verdict: Couldn't hurt.

  5. Sunday, 2:00PM CDT: St. Etienne v. Marseilles. There's a bit of a logjam in France, with 12 teams (2nd thru 14th) separated by 6 points. St. Etienne and Marseilles are in the thick of it, both on 17 points, in 5th and 7th respectively. Might be a bit of a cagey match though, because of this. Verdict: Couldn't hurt.

  6. Saturday, 9:00AM CDT: Hertha Berlin v. Mainz. (DELAY), but only by 30 minutes. Hertha are 7th on 14 points; Mainz are 15th on 7 points. But Mainz won last weekend (3-1 over Bayer Leverkusen) and Hertha had a Thursday UEFA Cup match. Might be worthwhile. Verdict: Couldn't hurt.

  7. Sunday, Noon CDT: Newcastle v. Sunderland. (DELAY) Another match with the potential for ugly. Yet both teams tend to be amusingly ugly rather than simply dour. Might be worth some time. Verdict: Couldn't hurt.

  8. Saturday, 11:00AM CDT: Portsmouth v. Charlton Are Charlton really the fifth-place team? Yes. Are they going to finish that high? No. Will Portsmouth remain a relegation candidate? Yes. Am I at all interested in this match? No. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  9. Sunday, 8:00AM CDT: Lecce v. Juventus. Lecce are 17th, with 4 points from 7 matches. (And that's good enough to keep you out of the relegation zone?!) Juve are first, with a perfect 21 points. Lecce are home, true, but even so it's hard to see them taking a point. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  10. Saturday, 6:30AM CDT: Blackburn v. Birmingham. Birmingham are now in 18th, while Blackburn are at a lofty 11th. Both teams have been inconsistent lately. I'd guess this will not be an attractive match, but of course, now that I say that, it'll be a barn-burner. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  11. Sunday, 10:00AM CDT: Everton v. Chelsea (PPV). Wow, I'm really unclear why this would be a PPV match. I would dearly love to see Everton nick a point from the Blues. I would also dearly love to find a $100 bill. I'll get neither. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  12. Sunday, 4:00PM CDT: Treviso v. Empoli. (DELAY) Two newly-promoted teams, but like Wigan and Sunderland, they're a study in contrast. Empoli are 12th, with 10 points from 7 matches. Treviso... well, it's 2 points (and only 2 goals) from seven matches. Yeah, that gets them last place. If you're wondering, Treviso is north of Venice, while Empoli is west of Florence. Verdict: Stay away.

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