02 December 2005

Weekend TV Planner: 3-4 December

Well, thanks to the Highbury trip, the Thanksgiving holiday, and a generally busy life, I haven't done one of these in a while. I know how much you all missed it. So let me just jump back in.

Lots of games on delay this week for some reason. Pity.
  1. Saturday, 7:30AM EST: Liverpool v. Wigan Liverpool: 4th on 25 pts. Wigan: 5th on 25 pts. An intriguing matchup. Wigan have faded a bit as their schedule became tougher. But Liverpool haven't been models of consistency either. Have to favor Liverpool at Anfield, but Wigan will attack, and a mistake or two could see them win. Verdict: Match of the Week.

  2. Saturday, 12:00PM EST: Lyon v. Paris Saint Germain DELAY Lyon: 1st on 40 pts. PSG: 4th on 27 pts. An interesting battle at the top of the Ligue Un table. There aren't many teams that look capable of stopping Lyon, but PSG might be one. Verdict: Watch this. Would be match of the week, if it weren't on delay.

  3. Sunday, 11:00PM EST: Boca Juniors v. Independiente DELAY Boca: 2nd on 34 pts. Independiente: 3rd on 31 points. A real battle for the top of the table here. But 11PM? Grr. But should be a good match. Verdict: Watch this. If you can stay awake.

  4. Sunday, 11:00AM EST: Worcester City v. Huddersfield Town DELAY (FA Cup 2nd round) You have to love the FA cup. Huddersfield are in League One (the third tier in the English league system). And they're the higher placed team; Worcester City are in the Nationwide Conference North (the sixth tier) -- and they're currently 18th out of 22 teams there. I loved reading the Worcester City FC website; check it out if you have a chance. Verdict: Could be interesting. Why? 'Cause it's the FA CUP!

  5. Saturday, 10:00AM EST: Bolton v. Arsenal PPV Bolton: 7th on 23 pts. Arsenal: 3rd on 26 pts. OK, I'll say this first: this could be an ugly game. Bolton can be that way. But it's intriguing regardless. Bolton are undefeated at home since 21 August; in 6 Prem matches they have scored 6 and let in 1. So it will be their immovable object against Arsenal's irresistable force (6-0-0 in November, with 16 goals). It might end up a dreary 0-0, but I think it'll open up more than that. Verdict: Could be interesting.

  6. Saturday, 3:00PM EST: Chelsea v. Middlesboro DELAY Chelsea: 1st on 37 pts. Boro: 10th on 19 pts. Chelsea are the favorites in every league match they play. Boro have been known to surprise a team or two, but on the road at Stamford Bridge? Difficult to imagine. Verdict: Could be interesting.

  7. Sunday, 9:00AM EST: Lazio v. Siena Lazio: 10th on 19 pts. Siena: 13th on 15 pts. Two mid-table teams, fighting for scraps. But Siena have 9 goals in 6 away matches. So there's a glimmer of hope. Verdict: Could be interesting.

  8. Sunday, 1:00PM EST: Newcastle v. Aston Villa DELAY Newcastle: 12th on 18 pts. Villa: 15h on 15 pts. Oh, my. Probably the two most disappointing teams of the Prem so far. I know they're fighting each other for position, but this has all the appearance of a battle over who cares less. Only thing interesting is that The Sun is hinting that Souness will be fired if he loses. Hmmm. Can't believe it myself -- more's the pity. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  9. Saturday, 12:00PM EST: Manchester Utd v. Portsmouth Man Utd: 2nd on 27 pts. Portsmouth: 18th on 10 pts. Portsmouth have been dismal of late, and while Man Utd have been vulnerable at times, I can't imagine that this will be one of them. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  10. Saturday, 10:00AM EST: Hamburg SV v. Cologne DELAY Hamburg: 2nd on 31 pts. Cologne: 15th on 11 pts. Perhaps there is some secret knowledge of the German game that would convince a knowledgeable fan that this game will be a potential upset. To me, it looks like a bottom-table team with a mediocre road record visiting a juggernaut. Um, no. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  11. Sunday, 5:00PM EST: Lecce v. AS Roma DELAY Lecce: 20th on 7 pts. Roma: 9th on 19 pts. I'm trying to find some way that this match becomes interesting. But I can't see it. Verdict: Only if you're bored.

  12. Sunday, 11:00AM EST: Charlton v. Manchester City PPV Charlton: 11th on 19pts. Citeh: 8th on 21 pts. Another bizarre choice for PPV. Perhaps it's some sort of experiment: "Hmm... how many people will shell out $20 for any soccer match we offer -- no matter how dire?" I'm probably being unfair; Citeh didn't get to 8th by playing horrible soccer. But I just can't see this being interesting. Verdict: Stay away.

There's your planner for the weekend. I'm still working on the Highbury trip recaps; I'll still post on the Highbury tour and the Sunderland match. It's taking a while because of the photos, but I'm about ready to go with Part III anyway. See you soon!

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