28 February 2006

Need a Galactico? Please?

It's been difficult for me to tolerate the reign of Florentino Perez at Real Madrid. Today though, mercifully, he's decided to step aside. It's a move that's long overdue.

I lived in Madrid for five years in the early 90's. Real Madrid were a true team back then and regular exposure to the likes of Michel, Butregueno, Sanchis, Hierro, Buyo and Gordillo is what cemented soccer into my psyche. From my attic apartment I could hear the cheers from the Bernabeau some three miles away and I became swept up in the passion and drama of the game. So the team's decline has been especially disappointing.

The current team is little more than a collection of playing cards, with about as much spine and grit. Madrid have never been known for their defense, but when David Beckham is the toughest bloke in your midfield, you've got problems. Perez has spent his time in charge building a team that is designed to sell jerseys, not win championships. And while he's been undeniably successful on the business side, he's been woefully inept when it comes to building a team.

I would expect a galacticos sell-off this summer.

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