21 March 2006

Fran Merida Videos

And now for some search-term pimpage...

Still no hard news on the Catalan youngster. The stories are all feeding on last week's rumor-spill, but I can't find any new information on the story. Speculation is that he'll be 'loaned' to Celta Vigo, as with Carlos Vela, but I haven't seen anything new on that.

Still, I know we're all interested in his abilities, at least judging by your search terms. So let's take a look:

Here a permalink.. And here's another video hosted on YouTube.

Yeah, looks like he's got some potential. It's hard for me to judge from these games, though. They're against young players which has to make a difference. I'd love to see video from the closed-door friendly from last Tuesday, but if any exists I'm sure it's closely held in Arsene Wenger's Fortress of Solitude. We'll see if the rumor has truth behind it...

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