25 March 2006

Pompey - Arsenal Postponed

Well, that sucks. It's an odd feeling, anticipating a game, and then getting nothing. I was planning to head to a local pub to watch the match, the first time I'd tried at this particular place. They always have FSC on but I don't know whether they'd turn up the sound for a match or not. So now, no luck.

So we'll have to see when the match is rescheduled. I have to assume that it won't be tomorrow. Arsenal have Juventus on Tuesday, and only one rest day in between would be a bit much to ask. I would have preferred to play today, as we're on good form. Instead, we'll have to watch as Arsenal are passed again; as I write, Blackburn leads Sunderland (what a shock), so they'll pass Arsenal in the table. Bolton visit Boro on Sunday, while Tottenham host West Brom on Monday. Which means Arsenal could find themselves in seventh on Monday, through no fault of their own.

Still, having a game in hand could be nice, particularly against bottom-feeders Pompey. We'll see how it plays out. Tuesday is huge in any event, and now the players will have that extra rest. (Hm. A bit of an FA conspiracy? Nah, couldn't be...) Juventus face a tough match with Roma this evening, and will want a win over their big rivals. Del Piero is scheduled to rest but otherwise it should be a normal team playing. Will it make a difference for Tuesday? Let's hope!

Update: I'm keeping an eye out for news stories on this one. This one claims "Arsenal Relief" but doesn't have the quotes to back that up. Here are more details from the disappointed Pompey side. I'm sure they'd like to face the Gunners on a soggy pitch -- that's one way to gum up the Arsenal passing machine -- but no such luck today.

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