21 March 2006

A Tale Of Two Managers: Class vs. Ass

Jose Mourinho, on Saturday:
"It's a handball so it's not a goal and the decision is correct. What is not correct is the referee didn't see and allows the goal, the linesman didn't see but after pressure by Fulham they changed their decision."
Stuart Pearce, on Monday:
"It happens at times. The referee has made an honest decision and I will stick with that, I will never criticize referees. Jihai swung his arm out, there was no contact at all but we will live with the referee's decision."
Mourinho says the call was correct, but the ref was still wrong to make it. Pearce says that the call was wrong, but that the ref made the best call he could.

Enough said there. I'm starting to become a fan of Pearce. He's carried himself well since he was named manager at Citeh last March. He's probably a bit inexperienced to manage England, but still I wouldn't mind seeing him appointed. I think his work ethic and straigtforward honesty would serve the country well.

And I love the irony too. Here's a punk rocker as one of the real class acts as a manager. Cheers, Stuart!

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