09 April 2006

Arsenal America Chicago Meetup: Pregame Update

Well the meetup has been a blast so far. Friay night was, well, call it pub-intensive. The Schoolyard was packed with Cubs fans, so we changed venues to the Globe. I had a chance to meet several new faces and a few I knew from November's roadtrip. And it was a blast.

Saturday morning then was a bit low-key. *boilk* But we were ready to go by the time of the supporters' match against the Mancs. It was entertaining to play, but the Manchester team (along with their, ahem, recruits) were able to jump out ahead and keep a big lead to the finish (the final score was... 9-3? I can't remember...) And frankly, given that we probably had an average of 10 or 15 years on their guys... I think we did OK. In the end the match was a lot of fun, and that was the whole point.

From there of course we headed back to the Globe for lunch, and then off our separate ways until dinner. Dinner was at the Grafton, which was a great spot. We had a back room reserved, which had plenty of space and a fireplace with sofas. Fantastic stuff and good food too, so it made for a fun evening.

I've posted a few photos out on Flickr. Check them out; I'll caption them later, but for now I have to get moving. Off to the Globe again, this time for the match. It's hugely important to get some points off this one; this weekend's results haven't been as kind to the Gunners as last week. Both teams will be going for 3 points and I think there are goals in the game. Let's just get them for Arsenal, eh? COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

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