07 April 2006

Manchester Utd - Arsenal Preview

A massive game this week, and here we are, faced with another massive game just four days later. But of course the situation in the league is quite a bit more dangerous. The table shows all the drama, with Arsenal just 2 points behind Spurs for the last Champions League place, while Manchester Utd are 7 points back of Chelsea and closing.

So both teams have everything to play for, and both are on fantastic runs of form. Here's what they've done since February:

Man Utd 6 6 0 0 12 3
Arsenal 7 5 2 0 16 1

...and both of those Arsenal draws were effectively wins, as they finished the ties with Real Madrid and Juventus. So in other words, both teams are red-hot and brimming with confidence.

So what will we see Sunday? It's possible that we'll see a tight, tense match such as the FA Cup final from last year. A 0-0 draw is not out of the possibility. But my gut is telling me that there are goals in this match, that both teams will find the net. I'd love to see the same 2-1 win we got over Liverpool; let's call that the prediction.

And it's a good weekend for it. This is the weekend for the Arsenal-Man Utd Chicago Meetup! Several of us are gathering in Chicago to take in the game and hang out at the pubs. I hear there will be some soccer played too. Check back here early and often; I'll post some photos throughout the weekend.

So a win this weekend is crucial -- it will provide in-person bragging rights over the Mancs! Let's get stuck in. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

Come on United!

Will be a good game whichever way it goes :)

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