07 May 2006

St. Totteringham's Day

It came late, and left us plenty nervous. But it came with great style and excitement.

There's so much to reflect on. A very strange tale of food poisoning, complete with conspiracy theories. Old heroes and old enemies closing out their careers. A great game played by the enemy of mine enemy. A real cracking game at Highbury. Dodgy refereeing decisions. Missed penalties. Made penalties. Dramatic red cards. Emotional goal celebrations.

And farewell to one of the greatest stadiums we'll ever see.

There's so much wrapped up in one day, it's impossible to account for it all. I'll sum up the matches. Soon. But it's too soon, too raw to do it now. Today? All I could do was walk around in my Toure 28 jersey, singing in my excitement and pride. I'm so happy for the Gunners and for their fans. And most of all, I'm incredibly happy for Highbury. The grounds have seen their last shots fired in anger; never again will official football be played on the Highbury turf. And the last game saw this crop of Gunners do her proud, winning with grit and style, in a game that had meaning.

In 2006, St. Totteringham's Day came on 7 May. And Arsenal made sure it was a day to remember. Thank you, Gunners!

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