12 June 2006

WC: Sunday Action Summary

Yesterday kept up the run of good games and close matches, but provided no upsets.

Serbia & Montenegro 0-1 Holland
It was expected to be a close game and it was. It wasn't however expected that Arjen Robben would have a free run on goal at 18', and right after he was barely ruled offsides too. S&M tightened up the defense after that, though the Dutch had several more chances. But the defensive approach of S&M wasn't able to pose a serious threat to Edwin Van der Sar's goal, and Holland cruised to full time with a solid win.

Holland have to be happy about their performance, while Serbia & Montenegro will be desperate to build a better goalscoring threat. But, as tight as this group is, both teams could find surprising results in their second games.

Mexico 3-1 Iran
The scoreline here flatters Mexico a bit. They certainly deserved all three goals, and worked them rather well. But Iran mounted more of a threat than they were expected to. The Iranian attack was surprisingly effective, and only a late outburst from the Mexican subs stole the draw. Mexico are well on their way to the knockout stage, while Iran will need point from Portugal to keep hopes alive.

Angola 0-1 Portugal
Angola did a credible job against their former colonial masters, but they're probably a bit lucky to only give up a single goal. They did threaten the Portugese goal at times, and could prove to be a surprising team for Mexico in the second round. But Portugal were probably a bit unlucky not to get another goal, particularly as the Angoaln keeper João Ricardo looked out of his depth at times.

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