11 July 2006

Klinsmann To The US?

It could be true. German sports news agency SID is reporting that Klinsmann will not renew his contract. Now, they also say that "Klinsmann... has dismissed reports he received a lucrative offer to coach the United States and has said he has no interest in coaching another national team such as England or Italy."

But it would make so much sense. Klinsmann lives in the US, and would have a much more relaxing and media-free time of life as the US coach. And I believe it would be exactly what the US needs.

Bruce Arena was a great builder of the USMNT. He developed players, brought respectability, and kept an even keel. But now the US needs to change things around a bit, to bring some more excitement, create some energy within the team, and to challenge players to perform. "I have done this before," he could say, "and I know what it takes. And you need to find more within yourselves if we are to succeed." But he can balance that with a modern (American) approach to fitness, mental health, and focus. It's a great match for American players and would give us a great chance for success in South Africa 2010.

Of course, that's a long time from now, and the US doesn't have a competition quite like Euro 2008 to prepare for in the meantime. Maybe Jurgen will manage a club team for a bit. He'd be a great fit in England, though none of the biggest jobs are available. Of course, that would take him away from his California home for a big part of the year, and he may not want that. But even if he does, maybe 2 years would be enough, and he could return to the US... perhaps in 2008 to prepare for qualifications! Hm...

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