19 August 2006

Cisko's EPL Predictions

OK. Landry has tossed down the guantlet. A case of Fat Tire? Very well, I accept. And besides, you're clearly wrong on your positioning of the scum. Wish you were wrong about Chelsea though; I have hopes, but not expectations, that they might fade a bit this year. We'll see.
  1. Chelsea
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man Utd
  5. Tottenham
  6. Portsmouth
  7. Newcastle
  8. Bolton
  9. Aston Villa
  10. West Ham
  11. Blackburn
  12. Charlton
  13. Everton
  14. Reading
  15. Wigan
  16. Middlesboro
  17. Man City
  18. Fulham
  19. Sheffield Utd
  20. Watford

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